Pictures from IIT Kanpur India 1964-1965

Taken by Gio Wiederhold using a minature camera, scanned in 2004/2005 by Gio Wiederhold.


I spent the academic year 1964-1965 at IIT-Kanpur, on an assignment from UC Berkeley, sponsored by US-AID. I only had a minature camera, but did keep the photographs I took, and am now scanning them in for friends and colleagues.

IIT Kanpur photographs

giofull size.
Professor and Institute director Kelkarfull size.
KIAP dirfull size.
Huskeyfull size.
Facultyfull size.
AdminAsstnt: Nathanifull size.
Cornerstone Ceremonyfull size.
Cornerstone being placed by Kelkarfull size.
Housingfull size.
Classroomsfull size.
Library Constructionfull size.
Library looking downfull size.
Library inspected by David Montenegrofull size.
Library Skylightsfull size.
Library looking upfull size.
Library detail looking upfull size.
Library construction water supplyfull size.
Library construction water supply going upfull size.
Library construction detailfull size.
RR crossingfull size.
RR train blocking entrance to campusfull size.

1970ties pictures, to be properly integrated.

70tiesyfull size\
70tiesyfull size\
70tiesyfull size\
70tiesyfull size\
70tiesyfull size\
70tiesyfull size\
I welcome comments and further information, and am willing to post pictures that any of you might have here.

. Gio