Pictures from India 1964-1965 - John Kelly's wedding

Scanned in 2004/2005 by Gio Wiederhold. The main page is at pictures from India, 1964-1965.


I spent the academic year 1964-1965 at IIT-Kanpur, on an assignment from UC Berkeley, sponsored by US-AID. I don't know what camera I used for these pictures.

Wedding of John Kelly jr.

Scan54: John and Suretafull size.
Scan55: Showerfull size.
Scan56: Purveen and Denaz Khoryfull size.
Scan57: John and Suretafull size.
Scan58full size.
Scan59: motherfull size.
Scan60full size.
Scan61full size.
Scan62full size.
Scan63full size.
Scan64: Kiap vehiclafull size.
Scan65: young step-brotherfull size.
Scan66full size.
Scan67full size.
Scan68: bridegroom's arrivalfull size.
Scan69full size.
Scan70full size.
Scan71full size.
Scan72full size.
Scan73full size.
Scan74full size.
Scan75full size.
Scan77full size.
Scan78full size.
Scan79full size.
Scan80full size.
Scan81full size.
Scan82full size.
Scan83full size.
Scan84: John and fatherfull size.
Scan85full size.
Scan86: KIAP dir, Navroz khoryfull size.
Scan87: John senior and Ying Kellyfull size.
Scan88full size.
Scan89full size.
Scan90full size.
Scan91full size.
Scan92full size.
Scan93full size.
Scan94full size.
Scan95: tearful farewell. John's stepsisterfull size.
Scan96full size.
Scan97full size.
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