Pictures of IIT CS Khajaraho trip 1964

Taken and scanned in 2004/2005 by Gio Wiederhold.

Trip of Visiting Commitee to Khajuraho

Professor Huskey organized a visiting committee of Comoputer Science experts to provide guidance in the growth of Computer Science education for the Electrical engineering department.


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The committee was treated to a trip to the ruins of the temples at Khajaraho.

Wilkes, Basufull size.
Wilkes, Van Wijngaardenfull size.
David Evansfull size.
Harry Huskeyfull size.
Bennettfull size.
Perry on Elephantfull size.
Perry and eyefull size.
vanWijngaardenElephant2full size.
Wilkes-vanWijngaardenfull size.
vanWingaardenon Elephantfull size.
Scan107full size.
David Evansfull size.
Scan109full size.
Scan110full size.
Scan111full size.
Scan113full size.
Scan114full size.
Khajuraho Templefull size.
Details of friezefull size.
Scan117full size.
Scan118full size.
Scan119full size.
Scan120full size.
Scan124full size.
Scan125full size.
Scan126full size.
Scan127full size.
Scan128full size.
Scan129full size.
Scan130full size.
Scan131full size.
Scan132full size.
Scan133full size.

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