Gio Wiederhold spent a year (Oct.1964-Oct.1965) at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kanpur).

During the summer break Gio accompanied Jerry Vielehr, the former manager of the KIAP project, on trip to South India.

Picked up Cadillac at Bombay Docks. Jerry arrived a few days later. The itinerary was June 27 Bombay (Mumbai) to Poona (stay at Circuit House)
June 28 to Goa (Sarah da Costa, Manderi, Vasco)
June 29 see Old Goa June 30 Goa, (repair Cadillac)
July 1 to Jog Falls (Taj mahAl restaurant, stay at Circuit House)
July 2 via Halebid and Belur temples to Bangalore (Highgates Hotel)
July 3 see Shameen, JJS, to Seringapattam
July 4 to Mysore
July 5 to Ootacamund or Ooty, a hill station
July 6 to Udhagamandalam and to Cochin (Kochi), stay at `Malabar Hotel', now part of the Taj.
July 7/8 Boat to former Dutch residency
July 9 to Trivandrum (ThituvananThaPuram)
July 10 to Cape Comorin, southernmost point of India
July 11 to Tirunelveli
July xx to Srivilliputtur
July xx to Madurai
July xx to Tiruchi
July xx to Tanjur (Thanjavur)
July 14 to Pondicherry (Puduchcherri) - July 14th
July to Aurobindoville (Auroville)
July 15 via to Mamallapurim (Mahabalipuram) to Madras (Chennai)
July xx to Hyderabad
July xx to Bhopal (stay with Hari Srivastava).
Gio then took the train back to Kanpur.

North India. Kanpur is just North of Khajaraho.

South India Trip photographs

Only few have been scanned in.

Jerry Vielehr in Goa, click for full size.
Mysore, no bull, click for full size.
Tanjur, Cadillac at palace, click for full size.
Mammallapurim, carved rocks, with Gio, click for full size.
Now this beach is one of the U.N. heritage sites, and has a protecting seawall and tourist facilities.
After Itarsi, at Hoshangabad, crossing the Narmada river.
Getting the car back on the ferry , click for full size.
Visiting Hari Srivastava.,
Bhopal, on a working sugar plantation elephant. click for full size.

Many more to come.