Seminar Course on Intelligent Information Systems at EPFL

Gio Wiederhold (on sabbatical from Stanford University)

April-June 2000, at 14:15 - 15:15, room INJ218

Presentations in English

but I'll try to manage discussions in French and/or German.

I plan to cover the material in an integrating fashion, drawing from concepts in databases, artificial intelligence, software engineering, and business principles.


4 April 2000: Overview talk in the General EPFL Computer Science Seminar:
Increasing the Precision when Obtaining Information from the Web (ppt)

1. 13/4 Historical background, enabling technology.

ARPA, Internet, DB, OO, AI., IR, XML.

2. 27/4 Search engines and methods.

Recall, precision, overload, semantic problems.

3. 4/5 Digital libraries, information resources. Image processing.

Value of services, copyright.

4. 11/5 E-commerce. Client-servers. Portals.

Payment mechanisms, dynamic pricing.

5. 19/5 Mediated systems. Functions, interfaces, and standards.

Intelligence in processing.

Role of humans and automation, maintenance.

6. 26/5 Software composition. Distribution of functions. Parallelism.

[work with Dorothea Beringer, ex EPFL]

7. 31/5 Application to Bioinformatics.

The fastest moving application area for Computer Science: complex, inconsistent, voluminous.

8. 15/6 Educational challenges. Discussion of challenges.

..... Also more on semantics.

Expected changes in teaching and learning.

9. 22/6 Privacy protection and security.

Security mediation for collaboration.

10.29/6 Summary and projection for the future.


Feedback and comments are appreciated.

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