Gio Wiederhold

Woodside House pictures

Last updated 17 April 2014.

Living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, 2 studies, 2 bathrooms, playroom, storage room, large outdoor play area, porch, carport, on over two acres. Owners keep access to a separate cottage, garage and workshop on the property for occasional use.

The agent handling the rental is <Denette Bartoli>. cell 650 787-9885, text messages accepted.

The pictures were taken at various times in April 2015.


  1. Front, looking South West towards the Pacific.
  2. View from Marine Road.
  3. Driveway to Marine Road.
  4. Entry steps to play area.
  5. Front, looking South East.
  6. Play Area in front of house, looking East
  7. Outside play area
  8. Play area in front of house
  9. Top Level

  10. LivingRoom looking North West to the rear. The cover for the wekllhouse had not been completed
  11. Living Room, looking, looking East to kitchen.
  12. Living room alcove
  13. Alcove bench in living room; a former church pew.
  14. DiningRoom to South East, overlooking playroom.
  15. DiningRoom, looking towards kitchen with stais to playroom and loer level study.
  16. Center bedroom, looking South. Double door leads to study.
  17. Side bedroom, South East corner.
  18. kitchen looking towards living room and entrance door
  19. Kitchen, looking towards dining room.
  20. Main study, taken from living room. Left door is to center bedroom, right door to rear porch
  21. Main bathroom with double size Jacuzzi tub
  22. Lower Level

  23. Playroom, looking up to dining room.
  24. Lower level bathroom.
  25. Lower level Study, taken from playroom. It extends under both bedrooms and the yop level study.
  26. Rear, view towards the Pacific Ocean through the trees

  27. Rear porch looking South West.
  28. Porch AtTopStudy, steps under construction.
  29. Rear porch, bench and well house under construction.

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