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August 2008, Wednesday
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Sydney Un ion Club
25 Bent street
61 2 9232-8266

Location: Sidney, Australia
Xuemin Lin <lxue@cse.unsw.edu.au>
All the topics are very interesting. I slighly favour the topics 2 & 3.

1. My current research - Valuing software, as described in CACM Sep.2006. An unknown topic, but it seems surprising that we teach how to build software economically, without knowing how much it may be worth.

2. Integrating Simulation into Information systems, see "Information Systems that Really Support Decision-making"; Journal of Intelligent Information Systems; Vol.14, Kluwer, March 2000, pages 85-94.
This is also an underexploited topic. The simulation folk and DB folk have been snubbing each other, and there is great opportunity for innovation.

3. Dealing with inconsistent semantics on the web: Mitra, Prasenjit and Gio Wiederhold: "An Ontology-Composition Algebra"; in S.Staab, R.Studer (eds.): Handbook on Ontologies, Springer Series: International Handbooks on Information Systems, 2004, pages 93-113. Injecting realism into the promises of business on the web, and an approach that can lead to gradual convergence.

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