Gio Wiederhold

Matadero Avenue, rear unit

updated 17 June 2004,

412A Matadero Ave, Palo Alto

    1. View from the street (south),
    2. Driveway and rear unit,
    3. Entrance and Side,
    4. Living room from front door, looking north to dining area, kitchen,
    5. Living room from front door, entrance closet, looking east (desk has been replaced),
    6. Living room south, with front door,
    7. Living room east with fireplace,
    8. Living room west,
    9. Living room west side,
    10. Dining area, looking north,
    11. Kitchen area,
    12. Kitchen towards laundry room,
    13. View from kichen and dining area towards living room,
    14. Hallway to bath room and bed room,
    15. Bed room,
    16. Bed room window,
    17. Bath room, washbasin, shower,
    18. Laundry room (shared with front unit tenant),
    19. Garden,
    20. Porch, house side,
    21. Carport and Driveway towards street,
    22. More street views.

    old pictures

    1. 412A entrance,
    2. Living room from dining area,
    3. Door to garden,
    4. Dining area from living room,
    5. Dining side in use,
    6. Kitchen corner in use,
    7. Bed room,
    8. Bed room towards entrance, bath,
    9. Outside, east wall north,
    10. rear garden west side,
    11. rear garden east side,
    12. street views.

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