Protecting Information from Inappropriate Release


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Protecting Information from Inappropriate Release


Dominant approach for Data

The Gap: Assumption that Acess right = Retrievable data

Collaborators Get Access,

Creates Leaks: False Assumption

Acess Patterns versus Data:

Access Rights/Needs Overlap

Specfic Problems: Healthcare

Filling the Gap

Architectural Schematic

Security Mediator

PPT Slide

Security Officer


The Rule Language

Rules implement policy

Creating Wordlists

Coverage of Access Paths

Software Components


Effective Settings


Backup slides

Application of Rules

General mediation approach: isolate value-added processing

Rules for Security Mediators

Rule Processing

Rule Type Examples

Rules... (continued)

Security Table Definition

Security Table Definition... (continued)

Rule application - Overview


Implementation... (continued)

System Operations

Author: Gio Wiederhold


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