Test for 2-level mini Hitchcock file

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H 1922Hitchcock
FIdTitleYearDirector ProducersStudioProcessType AwardLocaleNotes
H1 T:Always Tell Your Wife 1922 D:Se.Hicks P:Lasky St:Famous, SD:* sbw Dram aw lc CoD(Hitchcock)
H2 T:Number Thirteen 1922 D:Hitchcock P:Hitchcock St:Islington, SD:Famous sbw Nt(unfinished)
H3 T:Woman to Woman 1922 D:Hitchcock P:Balcon St:B-S-F, SD:Wardour sbw Dram England CoD(Cutts) Er(same as GCt27, 1926?)
H4 T:The Passionate Adventure 1924 D:Hitchcock P:Balcon St:Gainsborough, SD:GaumontD sbw CoD(Cutts)