Photographs of early Stanford AI-Lab People

The Stanford Artificial Intelligence (SAIL) laboratory resided in the D.C. Power building, in a remote corner of the Stanford Campus from 1965 to 1991. A Farewell message illustrates the fondness its members had for the laboratory, and lists some of its achievements.

Les Earnest maintains a documentary focusing on projects and its people. Bruce Baumgart maintains to associated archive.

The pictures have sections for Robot builders and their creations, and the DC Power building and games.

Collected as part of the Stanford Computer History Exhibits during a celebration of Don Knuth's 64th (1 000 000 base 2's) birthday, 2002. These pictures were provided by Vaughan Pratt and Bruce Baumgart. Most names were provided by Les Earnest. We'd like to add names, where unknown (listed at the end), and more pictures as well. The current locations and email of the people are of interest as well, many names may be also listed under their advisors' trees.
Because of the size and number, the full size images require a click to be loaded.
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AI lab participants 1965-1980

Alphabetically after John McCarthy and Les Earnest:
00:John McCarthy - full size

05:Les Earnest, lab manager - full size

76:Ed Ashcroft ? (per Richard Waldinger) - full size
42:Queenie Baur at work - full size
84:Queenie Baur - full size
31:Norm Briggs and ? - full size " ? - full size
36:Ruzena Bajcsyova, now Ruzena Bajcsy - full size
82:Jack Buchanan (student of David Luckham)? - full size
10:Ken Colby - full size
17:Ashok Chandra - full size
19:John Chowning (music) - full size
20:John Chowning - full size
34:Whit Diffie - full size
14:Al Dulan - full size 43: - full size
32:Gil Falk - full size 56: ? - full size
01:Gary Feldman - full size 02: - full size
see student tree
12:Jerry Feldman - full size
51:Jerry Gleason (head technician) - full size
80:Gary Goodman -- left with Raj Reddy for CMU - full size87:Gary Goodman (left) and Mike Kahn - full size
35:Gunther Grape full size
95:Cordell Green at left (Donald Knuth, Russ Taylor) - full size
21:Dick Helliwell - full size
87:Gary Goodman and Mike Kahn -- the taller person (right) - full size
93:Donald Knuth - full size 96: reading - full size
95:Donald Knuth, Russ Taylor, Cordell Green - full size
86:Manfred Hueckel (Austrian post doc) - full size
11:Alan Kay - full size
81:Michael Kelly - full size
50:Tom Knight - full size
45:Dave Luckham - full size 85: - full size
04:Andy Moorer - full size
28: Rich Neally - full size
90:Malcolm Newey, and Dave Smith in profile - full size. Worked with Ken Colby.
71:Ted Panofsky at Volleyball - full size 70:left player - full size
25:Lou Paul - full size
40:Phil Petit - full size 74: with Bob Sproul in bg - full size 46:with a headless Dave Pole - full size
29:Karl Pingle - full size 88: - full size
09:Bill Pitts at Checkers - full size
38:Dave Poole - full size 46:; headless, with Phil Petit - full size
22:Pratt ? - full size
16:Lynn Quam - full size
15:John Ryder - full size. GO program.
07:Art Samuel at TTY - full size 08: - full size. Checkers program.
41:Steve Savitisky - full size
30:Dave Smith - full size
90:Dave Smith, in profile, and Malcolm Newey - full size. Worked with Ken Colby.
18:Leland Smith (music prof.) - full size 83: - full size
49:Irwin Sobel - full size
33:Bob Sproul - full size 74:with Phil Petit in front - full size
39:Dan Swinehart - full size
95:Russ Taylor (Donald Knuth, Cordell Green) - full size
27: Larry Tesler - full size
26:Bob Tucker - full size
13:Bill Weiher - full size
24:Joe Zingham - full size


54:DEC PDP 10, KA10 model - full size
55:Line Printer - full size
Space War
52:IIIdisplay showing Spacewar - full size
(Information about the Galaxy, a successor game, and the first commercial game machine).

Robot Builders and their Robots

23:Vic Scheinman at the Hydraulic Arm - full size
53:Rancho Arm - full size
57:Hydraulic Arm - full size
58:Hydraulic Arm - full size

D.C. Power Building Scenes

The building and the site were donated to Stanford University by G.T.E., after they decided to cancel the planned corporate research lab adjacent to Stanford. It was named for one of their executives.

59:D.C. Power Lab right - full size
60:D.C. Power Lab left - full size
61:view from D.C. Power Lab - full size
62:D.C. Power Lab view towards PaloAlto - full size
63:D.C. Power Lab view towards Los Altos - full size
64:D.C. Power Lab drive - full size
65:D.C. Power Lab drive towards Arastadero - full size
67:Volleyball (Les Earnest and Bob Sproul) - full size
68:Volleyball - full size
69:Volleyball (Bob Sproul) - full size
70:Volleyball with Dave Poole (left) - full size
72:VolleyballDCP - full size

Unidentified SAIL folk

44:? - full size
47:? - full size
78:? - full size
79:? - full size