Computer History Exhibits Photographs 2

Photographs made by Hector Garcia-Molina, February 2005.
This page first created 31 July 2006 by Gio Wiederhold.

New installations, older photographs are on the Stanford Computer Science Computer History Display main sequence pages or listed as Nuriya Janss photographs.

Mobi Robot in cabinet, welcomes folk at the front door of Stanford's Computer Science Department. - full size
Scheinman Golden Arm cabinet - full size
Scheinman Arm Actuator - full size
Scheinman Arm Hand - full size
Monroe Mechanical calculator - full size
Friden Electric Calculator with key multiply. - full size
Marchant Electric Calculator - full size
Marchant Calculator Keys - full size
Marchant Calculator Carriage - full size
IBM microdrive (floor 1). Publicity photograph. - full size
SUN cabinet - full size
SUN computer (floor 4) - full size
Sun Computer - full size
First Working SUN Board - full size
SUN Disk Drive - full size
part view Apple cabinet - full size
Apple Small - full size
Apple Floppy - full size
Mac - full size
Mac Floppy Drive - full size
Apple2 - full size
Newton - full size
Apple2 sign - full size
DEC and Modem and TTY cabinet (floor 3) - full size
model 33 TTY - full size
TTY and Modem Display - full size
Livermore Accoustic Modem - full size
SAIL Asynchronous (1200/150 Modem - full size
Select Accoustic Modem - full size
Dec Data Cartridge - full size
Without Electricity Cabinet (floor 2) - full size
Planimeter - full size
Plainimeter Details - full size
Comptator - full size
Integraph - full size
sliderule - full size
Integraph and Math Tables - full size
Pony - SAIL-controlled vending, from about 1963. Accounts were kept on the SAIL computer and your age was checked if you wanted beer. - full size
Otis King Model K Calculator, side - large size
Otis King 1905, top - large size
Teletype model 33 - Large size

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