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From Relay to Integrated Circuit Chip [Gio et al.] (1960)


Remington-Rand Univac Relay Assembly [DH] (1960) on first floor.

Vacuum Tubes

IBM 604 Plug-in assembly and advertisement, donated by [New Beginnings Antiques - NBA],
see also IBM 704 Vacuum Tube Assembly (1957) on second floor [CMHC].

To make the IBM 604 useful for technical calculations, the machine was combined with a 402 or 417 electronic accounting machine for printing and one to three type 941 auxiliary memory units; this combination was successfully sold as the Card-Programmed Electronic Calculator (CPC). Stanford University operated an IBM CPC in the 1950ties -- see the picture of Professor Herriot with one of the programming plug panels on the first floor.


CDC 6600 Cordwood Module [CMHC] (1967)

Hybrid Technology

Apollo Moon Lander Logic Module [CMH]
Apollo Wired Logic [CMH]

IBM Solid Logic Technology (SLT) [CMH].
See also IBM 360 technology on the third floor.

Integrated Circuits

Pictures to come.

Core Memory

Core memory (unknown computer) [CMHC] (1967)

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We show the a plane with the first operational core memory from the MIT Whirlwind on the second floor, a memory assembly with 12 planes in the DEC display and IBM 360 Core memories on the third floor.
For a brief description of the technology look at the page page on Core memory.

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