Stanford CS Department history

floor1, north cabinet

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A Stanford Wiki page provides more detail.

Background image: SU Computer-Lab Seized by Vietnam protesters (1965)

The text of the news article insert can be read at San Francisco Chronicle.

Computer languages

At the bottom of the cabinet is a list of the primary computer languages taught at Stanford, and a 1960 assembly coding sheet.
Board wiring 1953-56 noneIBM CPC picture across the hall
Assembler 1956-60SOAP IIIBM 650
Algol 581960-65Balgol Burroughs 220
FORTRAN (Formula translator)1963-67 FORTRAN IIIBM 7090
Symbolic Assembler Language 1963-67 SAPIBM 7090picture across the hall
Algol 60 1963-68 AlgolBurroughs 5500
Algol W 1968-75 Wirth's Algol W compilerIBM/360
PL/1 subset 1966-72 PL/ACMEIBM/360-50
Polymorphic Programming Language~1973Tim Standish PPLIBM/370
ALGOL 60 + 1976-77SAILDEC 10
C1991-2001THINK/Thetis Macintosh/PC
C++2001-presentgcc Macintosh/PC/linux
Java2001- presentjavac Macintosh/PC
Language information provided by Claire Stager and Eric Roberts. 709 Coding Sheet courtesy of Regina Frey, at Stanford's ACME project 1966-1975.

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