SUN display

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Installed January 2001.

SUN Computer Display [courtesy of Vaughan and Margo Pratt]

In the background: Scott McNealy, Andy Bechtolsheim, Bill Joy, Vinod Khosla; and on the side also Laura Tong and Vaughan Pratt.

SUN Microsystem SUN 1, number 330, and disk drive

The first populated SUN board

The SUN effort started as as the Stanford University Network project, led by Professor Forrest Baskett, and supported partially by SLAC. His student, Andy Bechtolsheim built his first workstation out of spare parts scrounged from the Department of Computer Science and Silicon Valley supply houses. In 1982, he teamed with McNealy, Khosla and Joy to found Sun which is an acronym for Stanford University Network, the communications project for which Bechtolsheim designed his workstation. Professor Vaughan Pratt participated in developing software concepts for the SUN systems.

An earlier computer project (1975-1982) that involved Professors Baskett and later Gio Wiederhold was the S-1 project, based at Lawrence Livermore Labs. Professor Baskett's students, notably Mike Farmwald, Tom McWilliams, and Curt Widdoes developed design tools and eventually helped to build the systems. Prof. Wiederhold's students, as Fernando Castaneda, Fred Chow, Eric Gilbert, Arthur Keller, Peter Nye, Armando Rodriguez, and Dan Sleator provided system software, including Pascal and Fortran compilers. Other contributors from Stanford worked with Professor Susan Owicki: Brent Hailpern and Bruce Hitson.
We hope to able to mounnt an exhibit sometime related to the S-1 project. In the meantime there are web pages maintained by Mark Smotherman of Clemson University.

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