Computer History Exhibits Photographs

Photographs made by Nuriya Janss, July 1999
This page first created 5 January 2000 by Gio Wiederhold.

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Univac Programming Flowchart (1952) (basement)
News-Cronkite.jpg (basement)
News-text.jpg (basement)
News.jpg (basement)
Univac.jpg (basement)
Apollo-2.jpg (basement)
Apollo-text.jpg (basement)
Apollo.jpg (basement)
ApolloGraphic.jpg (basement)
ApolloPanel.jpg (basement)
LogicModule.jpg (basement)
wires.jpg (basement)
IBMPC-text.jpg (basement)
IBMPC.jpg (basement)
XeroxAlto-text.jpg (basement)
steno.jpg (basement)
MacAd.jpg (basement)

jpg (floor1)
IBM-CPC.jpg (floor1)
UnivacAssmbly.jpg (floor1)
WiringPlugBoard.jpg (floor1)
jpg (floor1)
LightnText.jpg (floor1)
LightningCalc.jpg (floor1)
jpg (floor1)
jpg (floor1)
SU-LabSeized.jpg (floor1)
chip.jpg (floor1)
jpg (floor1)
DecTapes.jpg (floor1)
RAIL-keybd.jpg (floor1)
jpg (floor1)
jpg (floor1)
2.jpg (floor1)
Disc-text.jpg (floor1)
Disc.jpg (floor1)
FAIL-brochure.jpg (floor1)
chips.jpg (floor1)
jpg (floor1)
IBM-text.jpg (floor1)
Librascope-text.jpg (floor1)
Mac-text.jpg (floor1)
Mac-text2.jpg (floor1)
MemDisk2.jpg (floor1)
MemoriesDisk.jpg (floor1)
Sony-text.jpg (floor1)
SonyDrive.jpg (floor1)

SAIL-text.jpg (floor2)
Circ-text.jpg (floor2)
Circuitboard.jpg (floor2)
DelayLine-text.jpg (floor2)
DelayLine.jpg (floor2)
Tube.jpg (floor2)
jpg (floor2)
ElecKeyPunch.jpg (floor2)
IBMCardsDollar.jpg (floor2)
IBMCardsText.jpg (floor2)
Tubes.jpg (floor2)
WilliamsTube-text.jpg (floor2)
WilliamsTube.jpg (floor2)
jpg (floor2)
WhirlwindCoreMem.jpg (floor2)
WhirlwindMondule.jpg (floor2)
WhirlwindPanel.jpg (floor2)
jpg (floor2)
WhirlwindTubeAgingPanel.jpg (floor2)
picx1 (floor3)
Fortran.jpg (floor3)
floor3 right
Modem-text.jpg (floor3)
Modem.jpg (floor3)
picx2 (floor3)
CoreMemPlanes-text.jpg (floor3)
CoreMemPlanes.jpg (floor3)
DrawingTool.jpg (floor3)
SLT-Module-text.jpg (floor3)
picx3 (floor3)
CoreMem-text.jpg (floor3)
CoreMemory.jpg (floor3)
DiskCartridge-text.jpg (floor3)
DiskCartridge.jpg (floor3)
Mem.jpg (floor3)
PunchedTape.jpg (floor3)
chips.jpg (floor3)
module.jpg (floor3)
picx4 (floor3)
Panel.jpg (floor3)

AppleII.jpg (floor4)
TR1.jpg (floor4)
picx1 (floor4)
KIM.jpg (floor4)
PET.jpg (floor4)
keyboard.jpg (floor4)
jpg (floor4)
jpg (floor4)
CordwoodModule.jpg (floor4)
Cray-CU.jpg (floor4)
Cray.jpg (floor4)
Cray1-text.jpg (floor4)
Cray1.jpg (floor4)
Cray2-text.jpg (floor4)
Cray2MemBd.jpg (floor4)
CrayChip.jpg (floor4)
DrawingTool.jpg (floor4)
Planimeter-text.jpg (floor4)
Planimeter.jpg (floor4)
picx4 (floor4)

picx15 (floor?)
badphoto.jpg (floor5)
Galaxy-Game machine (floor5)
Galaxy-Game Sign (floor5)

Photographs made by Nuriya Janss, July 1999
This page first created 5 January 2000 by Gio Wiederhold, email:

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