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This page provides schema and query specifications from an online auction system such as eBay. In an online auction system, hundreds of auctions for individual items are open at any given time, new people are continuously registering with the system, new items are continuously submitted for auction, and bids are continuously arriving for items. The schema and queries are loosely based on a benchmark for data stream systems being developed in the OGI-Niagara project. The latest information on the benchmark can be found here.


The schema consists of three relations - Category, Item, and Person, and three streams - OpenAuction, CloseAuction, and Bid shown below.


Queries in English

  1. Currency Conversion Query: Convert the prices of incoming bids from U.S. dollars into Euros.

  2. Selection Query: Select all bids on a specified set of 5 items.

  3. Local Item Suggestion Query: Report all items in category 10 that are put up for auction from some seller in Oregon.

  4. Open Auctions Query: Maintain a table of the currently open auctions.

  5. Closing Price Query: Report the closing price of each auction.

  6. Average Closing Price Query: Monitor the average closing price across items in each category over the last hour.

  7. Short Auctions Query: Report all auctions that closed within five hours of their opening.

  8. Hot Item Query: Select the item(s) with the most bids in the past hour. Update the results every minute.

  9. Average Selling Price By Seller Query: For each seller, maintain the average selling price over the last 10 items sold.

  10. Highest Bid Query: Every 10 minutes return the highest bid in the recent 10 minutes.

  11. Monitor New Users Query: Find people who put up something for sale within 12 hours of registering to use the auction service.

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