Open Issues and Future Tasks

This page lists the pending issues and future tasks in the TSIMMIS project in three categories: Urgent for important issues, Eventually for less important issues, and Maybe for issues which we identified but which we will only tackle if an important reason such as a request by a project partner forces us to. We also maintain a list of issues which have been resolved.


Description of Problem Date Reported Contact Target Date
Persistent Mediators and Wrappers -- Michael --
Bring TSIMMIS web pages up-to-date -- Michael ongoing
Upgrade query engine to handle external predicates 07/01/1996 Ramana --
Finalize implementation of the REST-variable constructs 07/18/1996 Ramana --


Description of Problem Date Reported Contact Target Date
Make mediators compatible with MSL syntax created by l2m translator (i.e., no '@med') 08/15/1997 Murty --
Make view expansion module case-insensitive (consistent with other Tsimmis modules) 08/23/1996 Murty (Yannis) --
Complete the mediator code hand-off according to this check-list 08/15/1997 Murty --
Fix bug in how parameterized queries are called inside the mediator 09/12/1996 Murty (Yannis) --
Help pages for explaining Tsimmis error codes 08/15/1997 Michael/Murty --
MOBIE: Formatting of pages, client-server interaction
Wrappers: driver, source specific modules
MedMaker: engine, optimizer, ??
07/25/1996 Everybody ongoing
Memory management scheme for TSIMMIS 09/25/1996 Everybody --


Description of Problem Date Reported Contact Target Date

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