Resolved Issues

This page lists resolved issues and tasks in the TSIMMIS project which were previously listed as unresolved.

Description of Problem Date Reported Contact Date Resolved
Generating a more simplified filter predicate in wrapper 07/01/1996 Ramana 09/01/96
Add filter predicates to engine
lt, gt, le, ge, eq, ne, contains
08/01/1996 Ramana 08/14/96
New error messages for wrapper components; need to update tmerror.h 07/02/1996 Joachim 08/08/96
Integrate more interesting sources into TSIMMIS.
Example: Integrate FBI source
07/25/1996 Andy with
Zarko, Arturo
Status output in MOBIE 07/01/1996 Rohan and
Installation of gcc/g++ v. 2.7.2 compiler, libg++ 2.7. on AIX machines 08/01/1996 Joachim and Marty 08/19/96
Create makefiles for all three wrappers: install binaries in ../tsimmis-1.0/bin/.. 08/01/1996 Zarko 11/30/96
Determine which hardware platform we are going to use for the individual Tsimmis components 08/01/1996 Everybody 08/15/97
Write a function for creating OEM objects, given label, type, value(s), and OID 08/20/1996 TBD 08/15/97
Discussion on current code organization, versioning system, makefiles, etc. 08/20/1996 Everybody 08/15/97
Fix bug that prevents queries with multiple object conditions (> 3) to be mateched properly 09/01/1996 Svetlozar 11/30/96
Include the "official" TSIMMIS header and disclaimer in every source code module 09/01/1996 Everybody 08/15/97

Last updated: 1997-Aug-26
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