Make it Fresh, Make it Quick - Searching a Network of Personal Webservers.

Mayank Bawa, Roberto J. Bayardo Jr., Sridhar Rajagopalan and Eugene J. Shekita

Abstract Personal webservers have proven to be a popular means of sharing files and peer collaboration. Unfortunately, the transient availability and rapidly evolving content on such hosts render centralized, crawl-based search indices stale and incomplete. To address this problem, we propose YouSearch, a distributed search application for personal webservers operating within a shared context (e.g., a corporate intranet). With YouSearch, search results are always fast, fresh and complete --- properties we show arise from an architecture that exploits both the extensive distributed resources available at the peer webservers in addition to a centralized repository of summarized network state. YouSearch extends the concept of a shared context within web communities by enabling peers to aggregate into groups and users to search over specific groups. In this paper, we describe the challenges, design, implementation and experiences with a successful intranet deployment of YouSearch.