Links I use most often

    Search the Web

  1. The Google Search Engine
  2. Search Stanford through Google
  3. Search for Technical Papers

  4. The ACM Digital Library. (Direct access for Stanford IP Addresses.)
  5. The IEEE Electronic Library. (Direct access for Stanford IP Addresses.)
  6. The Stanford Libraries.
  7. Literary Sources

  8. Home of Sherlock Holmes.
  9. The Wondering Minstrels.
  10. Get News on the Web

  11. ReDiff on the Net.
  12. The San Francisco Chronicle.
  13. News on CNN.
  14. Live Info on Cricket Matches

  15. CricInfo: Home of Cricket on the Web.
  16. Companies I have worked for

  17. CommonObject Inc.
  18. IBM Almaden Research Center
  19. Microsoft Research Lab, Cambridge