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Interface, Presentation to Application

conversation presentation_application  {
		 connection c1  (1-to-1, ordered FIFO, quaranteed delivery) ;
		 connection c2  (1-to-1, ordered FIFO, quaranteed delivery) ; 
		 dagent d1 on c1 ;
		 dagent d2 on c2 ; 
		 alphabet ( BYTE ) ; 
		 term t1 (int n) ;
		 term t2 (int m) ;
		 term t3 (int results) ; 
		 sentence s1 (t1, t2) from c1 to c2 ;
		 sentence s2 (t3) from c2 to c1 ; 
		 behavior (s1 ; s2) ; 
		 with options  (volatile, data open, marshaled, unauthenicated, unauthorized); 
} ; 

Ronald LeRoi Burback