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Distributed Computing System

A distributed computing system is not yet a Noema. Many of the components are present but some are still missing or not fully integrated.

The network would be the communication mechanism for the distributed computing Noema supporting message passing, protocols, and asynchronous communication. The languages of communication are the protocols built up with bytes of data.

Replication and groups of services could be made available with special name space management services available on the network.

Some information may be kept in a data warehouse for analysis.

Some information could be locally cached. Some functions could be pre-evaluated and stored in anticipation of usage.

Both code and data may have a common representation. Thus programs are to be treated as data in some cases and programs in other cases. Not all data can be interpreted as a program.

The distributed computing Noema would need a security system with authentication, authorization, and data privacy.

The next chapters define how to build a distributed computing Noema.

Ronald LeRoi Burback
Wed Jul 30 15:24:07 PDT 1997