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Appendix A: Glossary

Asynchronous  : An attributed relating to the separation by an unpredictable amount of time the relationship of a causal event and it's effect.

Authorization  : The process with grants privileges to an authenticated identity.

Authentication  : The process which verifies an identity.

Canonical Representation  : A representation that can all encompassing. Every element of the domain can de definitively expressed in terms of a canonical representation.

Catalyst  : A component in the Noema which helps other components perform their task but is neither consumed or produced by the other components actions.

Data Warehouse  : A persistent repository of historical information usually used for analysis, summaries, and decision support by a family of unintegrated applications.

Elaboration Tolerance  : An attributed of a system where a small change is easy to accomplish.

Life Cycle  : The cradle to grave existence of a software system from initial conceptions, through development, through deployment, through version releases, and final phase out.

Paradigms  : A point of view on how to understand and solve a problem.

Persistent  : A property indicating stability over a long period of time.

Protocol  : The communication behavior between two or more identities.

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