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Component Engineering

    The Compiling High-level Access Interfaces for Multi-site Software (CHAIMS) is a mega-programming language for software module composition [#!Perrochon97!#]. The CHAIMS compiler is to generate a variety of invocation sequences for current and developing standards for software interoperation, with a focus on multi-computer, distributed operation. The language will include the ability to set up module interfaces prior to executions, request performance estimates from modules prior to their invocation, schedule modules in parallel, monitor execution of invoked modules, interrupt inadequately performing modules, and provide data and meta-information to customer interface modules.

CHAIMS supports a paradigm shift which is already occurring: a move from coding as the focus of programming to a focus on composition. This shift is occurring invisibly to many enterprises, since there is no clear boundary in moving from subroutine usage to remote service invocation. There are hence few tools and inadequate education to deal with this change.

Ronald LeRoi Burback