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The third group deals with strategies.  A person with a good tool needs to have direction and a strategy.

This includes methodologies which guide the generation of the requirement, architecture, and implementation plan. This includes the architecture of the system as well as points of view defined by the paradigms. A mission statement focuses the goals. There should be conventions on how to use the tools. Software system simulation and a test bed are a must.

There needs to be an understanding on how schedules, priorities, and decisions are made and established. The resource allocation algorithm needs to be defined. Task and skill definitions take place in this group, leading to potential staff training or changes.

Risk assessment is essential.

A list of strategies might include methodology, architecture, paradigms, mission, conventions, standards, schedules, priorities, decision process, resource management, risk management, and life cycle phases.

This section of the thesis deals with methodology. Other sections deal with architectures and paradigms.

Ronald LeRoi Burback