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Computational View

The computational view defines the architecture. In this view, the pieces, the parts, interfaces, and behaviors are defined. Techniques such as encapsulation of data and processing, offered by the object-based paradigm, will be quite useful. There may be multiple interfaces and behaviors for any one part. The computational view is used to specify the functionality of the system.

There are three main components to the computational abstraction. They include the interface, the behavior, and the environment contract. The interface defines the types and functions. The interface also includes the well-formed sentences that are allowed. Some varieties of sentences could include a series of interrogations and announcements; a stream of non-atomic actions that continue throughout the lifetime of the interface; or signals and expected responding signals.

The behavior is described by a set of action sequences. The behavior may include some internal actions and is constrained by the environment. The environment contract includes quality of service constraints, real time constraints, usage and management constraints.

Ronald LeRoi Burback