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System Commands and Shell

There is a collection of control commands used to gather information and control the NOS. The command interface is programmed in a fashion similar to the UNIX shell.

System commands might include the UNIX equivalence of ps, jobs, cd, pwd, mkdir, rm, rmdir, date, time, clear, man, passwd, logout, lpr, lpq, lprm, ls, more, page, head, tail, mv, cp, file, chmod, chown, chgrp, <, |, >, &, >>, fg, bg, kill, echo, sleep, ctrl-z, ctrl-d, ln, tee, find, grep, nohup, wait, nice, renice, exit, set, setenv, pushd, dirs, popd, alias, uniq, sort, cmp, diff, tar, dump, restore, at, crontab, su, biff, compress, uncompress, crypt, tr, od, mount, unmount, whoami, tty, style, spell, awk, make, imake, sort, who, w, finger, talk, mesg, telnet, rn, and X.

Preferences could be stored in UNIX equivalent .login, .cshrc, .history, .plan, .project, .rhosts, .signature, .forward, and .vacation.

Ronald LeRoi Burback