I Love Hot Wings!!

This is my personal appreciation page for KFC, specifically their hot wings. KFC being Kentucky Fried Chicken. I hope you would not deem this frivolous, because although any normal person wouldn't dedicate a page to hot wings, well, I am. Eating is my hobby and hot wings are a big part of that. Gee, I don't know what to say about them though. They're just delicious they really are. Even though they're chock full of fat and make you feel all greasy and heavy, they're worth it. Just try them, and I'm sure you'll agree! I'm happy to say that already many of my friends regularly crave hot wings (all guys of course because girls have to watch their weight and all that), though I claim no credit - it's all the hot wings. Course if we all start dying young from heart attacks I'll feel really bad.

And of course, I'm not working for KFC or anything, in no way related to them at all. Great, I hope I don't get sued.