Me me me!!!

Not that I'm self-centered or anything =).

Well let's see, I was born in Holmdel, New Jersey. I had this really great yellow house with an attic and a basement. We don't have those here in California, and I really miss them. That's where kid's like to play the most, you know. How come there are no attics or basements in California? I lived in Holmdel for five years, where my parents went to church and became friends with our very own beloved BFD (Big Fun Dan) and his parents. Pretty neat, huh? Plus I lived on the street of his best friend. But I don't remember him at all from my childhood days.

Anyway, I moved to Cupertino, CA when I was six and have been living here ever since. That's twelve years. Since then I've grown older, gone to school, and wound up at Stanford University to further my education and attain my goals (college app question =) ). I love it at Stanford, and I think everyone should come here. Who wants to go to Harvard anyway? (I'm not bitter).

So this summer (and the summer before) I'm working at Tandem Computers, a computer company, based in my own little town Cupertino. It's a job, and they are really accomodating here, but I run out of things to do often. That's when I start emailing or writing my home page as I am now, looking back over my shoulder in constant fear that my supervisor will walk in and catch me not doing work. I also spend a lot of time at work downloading batman (the animated seriers, not the movie for goodness sakes) and x-men and gargoyle images from the web, which just goes to show you how nerdy and bored I am! =)

Gee, I think that's it. Oh, I could go on about my life at stanford too! You can leave now if you're bored. Well, my freshman year I lived in a dorm called Branner. Branner was really cool. I had so much fun there, and I'm so glad I lived there. People who say branner sucks are just jealous, we all know that. Anyway, they had pretty good food but UNLIMITED desserts, and let me tell you they were delicious. I love eating. That's one of my main characteristics, I'd say. I bet I can out eat any girl (but I think guys are genetically capable of eating more so I don't try). I really can - if the food is good. I can eat more than Gloria Lee, though her page is devoted to food. I love sleeping too, that is another one of my main characteristics too. I also like to lick stamps and fill gas in cars, but those aren't main characteristics, they're just weird little things. But I digress... AS I was saying branner has really good desserts, and a cool dining hall. It was just a very homey, very nice place, though smelly, dark and dirty which made a lot of people say they didn't like it but let me reiterate they're just jealous. It also caused my sister to never to visit me because she's a very hygenic kind of person, except for when pity overcame her and she came over to clean my room =). Isn't she the greatest? (Yes, she is)

Oh, well that brings up another thing, my sister Grace =). She is my one and only sibling, thereby making her my favorite one too. She goes to Stanford too. She is older than me by two years, very pretty, very nice and very smart. She has a web page too! Here. She sounds a little spacey on her web page but in reality she has a very sharp mind (and tongue =) ). It's an ongoing debate as to whether or not we look alike. I think we don't. Some people think we look nothing alike, and some people think we're twins. Some people call me Grace by accident if they don't really know us. And when I first came to Stanford, EVERYBODY came up to me and asked, "Hey, are you Grace's little sister?"

Well gosh, I think that's enough about me. Whew!

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