ECE594 Outline (revised on 1/12)
1/10 History of TV and Possibilities of DTV Serge (Intel) and Pat (Stanford)
1/12 Project Organization Ed (UCSB)
1/17 Holiday
1/19 Project Brainstorming Local
1/24 The Intel PCTV: Video HW and SW Milton Chen (Intel and Stanford)
1/26 Project Proposal DueLocal
1/26 DTV Standards I (MPEG 2 and 4)Local
1/31 Datacasting, Web-based TV enhancements Pat (Stanford)
2/2 DTV Standards II (MPEG 4 and AETVF)Local
2/7 Project Review I Stanford and UCSB
2/9 Project Review IILocal
2/14 Guest Speaker IWebTV
2/16 Student Presentation I (Decoder) Local
2/21 Holiday
2/23 Student Presentation II (Real-Time Scheduler)Local
2/28 Guest Speaker II TIVO
3/1 Student Presentation III (Set-top Box)Local
3/6 The Myth of Internet Search Engines Ed (UCSB)
3/8 Guest Speaker III Dr. Yihong Gong (NEC)
3/13 Project Meeting Local
3/15 Project Meeting Local
3/17 Project Demonstrations Stanford
3/25 Project Demonstrations Local