CS 245 is a senior/graduate-level introduction to the implementation of database management systems. The course is of 3 units and can be taken for a letter grade or CR/NC.

Lectures: Mon & Wed 11:00-12:50, Skilling Aud

Instructor: Steven Whang (Office hours: Mondays, Wednesdays 2pm to 3pm, Gates 432 Phone: (650) 796-6006)

Teaching assistants:
Shipra Agrawal (Office hours: Tue & Thu 2pm-4pm, Terman 329 Phone:(650) 704-3751)

Administrative Assistant: Marianne Siroker (Office:Gates 436 Phone:(650) 723-0872)

Staff contact email:

Student contact email:

Newsgroup: su.class.cs245

Textbook: Garcia-Molina, Ullman, Widom; "DATABASE SYSTEMS, THE COMPLETE BOOK" [First or Second edition]

Assignments: Seven Gradiance homeworks and two written homeworks. No programming. Also readings in Textbook.

Grading: Gradiance homeworks: 20%, Written assignments: 10%, Midterm: 30%, Final: 40%.

Honor code: In general, you should act according to the Stanford Honor Code and submit your own work. In particular, you may and are encouraged to discuss the topic of specific problems with others in a general way. However, you are expected to solve the problems by yourself. You are allowed to use any available inanimate source of information (in addition to the lecture notes and the textbook).

Reading: Chapters 11-20 in "Complete Book 1st edition" [chapters 13-22 in "Complete Book 2nd edition"] except for the following optional material [brackets for "Complete Book 2nd edition" book]: