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                                                                       "I'd rather be dead than cool." - Kurt Cobain

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GreatGrand, and GREATGREATGrand parents Wesley / Sweeney @ Yosemite KY
Same as above with more people
GreatGreatGreatGrandmother Lucie Ann Wilkinson Sharp
Great Great Grandfather General Marion Sweeney
Great Great Grandmother America Sharp Sweeney
Great Great Grandfather Matthias Brown
Grandaddy Eldridge Bartow Belk
Gramma Johnnie Mae Belk nee Sanders
2007 Wesley family picure
Dennis Wesley (brother)
Rebecca's Family (Shepard Family)
Son of a daughter (Jessica) of a daughter (Dolly) of Dennis - Matt Carranza
Terry & Gary in La Crosse 2006
Terry Wesley (brother)

Ken KD Donnell and Me (126k)
Travel Buddy Owen (KD's son)
Lifelong friend Michael Coone

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Favourite books:

Godel, Escher, Bach by Richard Hoffstadter - Artificial Intelligence, art, music : playful
Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes - happiness by self-reprograming of beliefs
Music of the Common Tongue by Small - African influenced American music is as valid as Euro-Art-Music
Magister Ludi ( The Glass Bead Game ) by Hermann Hesse - satire on academics (see also Anathem)
Buddhism Without Beliefs by Stephen Batchelor - no-religion small b buddhism
The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Kundera - novel of ideas with elegant construction
Imaginary Magnitudes by Stanislaw Lem - collection of prefaces to books that haven't been written
Flow by Cziksentmihalyi - psychology of optimal experience
The Meaning of Happiness by Alan Watts - pre-buddhist-phase philosophy
Silence by John Cage - musings on sounds and silence, some of them are rhythmic
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman - a spiritual journey
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle -  spirituality and self-help
Favourite quotes

Ask me how well the doors & windows work!
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