Team Cardinality's submission for the SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest

My source code submitted to the SIGMOD 2010 Programming Contest is available under the new BSD license.
Boost C++ libraries (1.40.0 or higher) and Protocol Buffers (2.3.0) are required to build and run it.

Please note that all files except Makefile and client/* are from
This code was tested under 64-bit Linux 2.6.31 with GCC 4.4.

A report on this contest is published in the SIGMOD Record.

Here is a poster describing several key ideas and their effectiveness.

I am grateful to Parag Agrawal, Raghotham Murthy, Alkis Polyzotis, and Jennifer Widom for many useful discussions.
I also thank Pierre Senellart and Clément Genzmer for organizing this contest.