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Welcome to my home page, o ye of little faith

Teaching CS193S in the winter quarter

Jan 05-Mar 18, 2010 TTh 2:15-3:30 Gates B03
Scalable Web 2.0 Programming: at the crossroads of CS and entrepreneurship no-fail-whale

Repeat Synchronized Diving Champion at the World Masters Games in Sydney

My teammate Alex Lapidus and I scored the meet's sole perfect 10 on this dive
Sydney Australia, Oct. 2009 Reverse Dive Straight 301A

UPDATE: 19th on the New York Times Best Sellers list!!!

Congratulations to my friend Barry Eisler on his new book
Requiem for an Assassin. Requiem for an Assassin

The character in a major plot line of the story, Jan Jannick, is loosely based on me!

My latest (ad)venture (through April 2008)

I've been helping launch this startup Center'd helps you plan life's activities

I founded an explosively growing social media company called imeem

imeem logo

imeem is social media, combining secure direct network connections to your buddy list, rich media blogging (check it out!) , group chat, instant messaging, community driven rating, tagging, of all of your digital media with a patent pending DB driven search engine.

imeem is cross platform!

Our Mac client became a universal binary on May 15, 2006. We have contributed open source additions to the Mono project in support of their Mac port. (Update: It saddens me to note that the mac software is on indefinite hold)

The press has been very kind!

I invented the gigaspiral at a now defunct company called gigabeat

Here are some early samples for your viewing pleasure!

first draft drawn in spiral backlinks too gigabeat's gigaspiral

My PhD Thesis was submitted & accepted in March 2001:

A Word Nexus for Systematic Interoperation of Semantically Heterogeneous Data Sources
PDF format (1.25MB)
Postscript format (2.88MB)

I coined a new sense for the word nexus in 1999 to refer to linked structures like the web, dictionary definitions, social networks. nexus structure

I analyzed the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) nexus using the gigaspiral.

nexus analysis

Condensed Life History by Continent

Continent Through Year Planet
North America Birth Sept. 64 new! spinning globe

© kadokev@msg.net

North America -) end '68
Africa -) autumn '71
North America -) summer '77
Europe -) fall '84
North America -) spring '89
Asia -) spring '92
North America -> present
Hmmm... seems to be a pattern here. South America and Australia beckon.

Some Honeymoon Pictures

My Hobbies

Early Publications

Some B+tree code

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