Juan Fernando Arguello


I worked with Prof. Gio Wiederhold and Yuhui Jin on the XLint - Error Tolerant XML Parser project. This work was graciously supported by the US Air Force and DARPA DAML project OntoAgents.

On a side note, I was able to assist and attend the Semantic Web Working Symposium on campus that Stefan Decker helped coordinate. It was great!

After Stanford I joined IBM, in the XML Group for z/OS in New York. While there, I also was the Vice President and co-founder of SHPE Mid-Hudson Valley Professional Chapter. It was a fun experience. Our group won the '"SHPE Region IV Best Professional Chapter"' Award our first year.

I was at IBM San Jose, California working in NFS for z/OS doing networked filesystem work before moving to software development in the mobile space.

I have also worked at Adobe SF working on mobile development projects as I begin to move into biomedical informatics.

I have worked as a Mechanobiology Research Assistant in the Castillo Laboratory at the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto and enjoyed it much. It was a great experience and our advisor Dr. Castillo eventually moved on and up to establish a great lab at NYU.

I have worked and consulted for different Disease Prevention research laboratories at the university and presently am begining to bring to a close work as a Research Radiology Software Developer in the Mallick Laboratory for the School of Medicine and Canary Center for certain cancer preventions and treatment refinement and enhancement. It has been a great experience thus far with such smart, humble, and team playing members and is a great experience to grow as a bioinformatician.

  • Gio Wiederhold, Vincent Chu, Juan Arguello: XLint - Error Tolerant XML parser.
    SURF Research Presentation, SURF 2001. Presentation slides available.[html]

  • Systems and Methods for Building and Implementing Ontology-Based Information Resources.
    U.S. Patent Filed August 16, 2005. Published June 15, 2010. Patent Number# 7739218 -- IBM Watson Research Center.

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