Jonathan Siddharth

Stanford Computer Science, Founder and Co-CEO of Flipora

Jonathan Siddharth was a graduate student in Computer Science at Stanford, working with Prof. Hector Garcia-Molina and Dr.Andreas Paepcke of the Stanford InfoLab. He is also a recipient of the Best Masters Thesis Award at Stanford for his work on SpotSigs which was later published in SIGIR. He is currently Founder & Co-CEO of Flipora, a mood-aware web discovery service with 30M users that he co-founded with Vijay Krishnan while still enrolled at Stanford. Flipora uses machine learning to automatically learn your interests from your web browsing history + facebook activity and then recommends websites to you based on your current interests. It's mood-aware in that Flipora is able to infer automatically, what interests are currently top of mind for you, to make highly contextual website recommendations. In much the same way that Pandora recommends music to you based on music you've enjoyed in the past, Amazon suggests products you might be interested in buying based on your shopping history and Netflix makes movie recommendations based on movies you've enjoyed watching, Flipora offers a similar machine learning based recommendation engine that works for the World Wide Web by analyzing a user's web browsing history passively. Flipora has been profiled by numerous news and media outlets including the BBC, ABC News, NY Times, TechCrunch, CNN, PC World, The Hindu, The Jerusalem Post etc. and is a winner of the Red Herring Award for the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in N.America.

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