My sister and mother made some beautiful stepping stones out of glass.

 My niece, Hannah, is my sister's second child.

 This is a cousin, Paul George along with his wife Tammy and son Nathan. (40k gif).

 My brother and I (17k jpeg).

 From left to right: me, my sister Colleen, my brother Flip, and my nephew Alex. (51k jpeg).

 My nephew Alex and I (24k jpeg).

  While in Boston I studied Ju Jitsu for 4 years (69k jpeg).
(The picture is from 1994 - I am the third one from the right, bottom row.)

 This is my sister, colleen and I (21k jpeg).

 This is my bike that my brother bought for me. (164k jpeg).

 Here is a really nice picture of Tahoe during the ski season. Kathi and I spent a nice weekend there.

 This is a picture of me cooking dinner during our exciting trip at Yosemite (81k jpeg).

 This is a picture of me and one of Kathi's cousins, Ashley (83k jpeg).

 Here is me all ready to go and tackle the trail (430k jpeg).

 An excellent picture of Kathi during a break in our hike (79k jpeg).

 Kathi living the good life at Circus Circus in Reno (130 jpeg).

 Kathi is - Crunchy Woman! (154k jpeg).

 After our first failed attempt at hiking Kathi and I headed for Reno (130k jpeg).

 Kathi and I usually get along, but sometimes.... (68k jpeg).

 Here is a picture of our tent (167k jpeg).

Some Views from Yosemite.

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