Extension of an existing information-system for the administration at professor's publications at the Politecnico di Torino

During my one year stay in Italy in 1994/95, I worked on this project (Studienarbeit) which was part of my degree from the University of Karlsruhe. The possibility to go to Italy was through an exchange program of the European Community called CLUSTER.

The idea for this project arose in the library of the Politecnico di Torino by Stefano Bargioni. It was proposed to me as a research project by Professor Elena Baralis in the Department of the Computer Sciences.

This information system automates the data-entry of publications into the library database, the generation of publication lists for the "ufficio annuario" and the insertion of these lists into a desktop publishing program.

The system is implemented by means of a mailserver, jobs for handling lists and macros in the language of the desktop publishing program.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, who gave me ideas and made my stay in Italy a fun period of my life and a great personal experience. Special thanks to Stefano Bargioni, Elena Baralis, Nunzia Spiccia, Vittoria Francavilla, Claudio Petrini, Maria Vittoria Savio and Tullio Basaglia.

A postscript version of the text is available here:

Extension of an existing information-system for the administration of professor's publications of the Politecnico die Torino

The Library Team

Paolo Tealdi, Stefano Bargioni, me, Vittoria Francavilla, Claudio Petrini, Nunzia Spiccia