This Just In: Night Animals and Bats (Or Not)

We just received access to two new datasets. They come from Stanford's in the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve in the nearby hills.

Dataset 1: Animal Detection

For years the Preserve has had cameras hidden in trees through the terrain. The cameras fire on motion. Sometimes the motion is an animal, sometimes it's just irrelevant motion. The tasks: Here is an example picture:
Mountain lion

Dataset 2: Animal Sounds

Terabytes of ultrasound recordings from four networked recording stations. Available software identifies bat calls. But:

"...the data also is showing some intriguing patterns that may bear further investigation. We also wonder if the bat call identification software could be better."

Listen to an example (turn your volume way up):

Here is the spectrogram of a bat call. These vary by species.

Bat spectrogram

Anyone interested, please contact Andreas.