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Extreme Blue lab visit plus random friends pictures

page updated March 5, 2003
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My official database group pictures taken by Hector on 1/17/2003:

Visit to Extreme Blue lab in late January

Lisa, Tom, and me


Read what's on the white board.
see, I'm a very popular person.
Thanks Shawn!



Pictures from Steve Dale


lily in Steve's garden

Steve Dale, say Pho!

Pictures from Lisa Ojeda

Two year old Hailey

Hailey at Halloween

Caleb, born on 2/22/2003

Hugo, Hailey, Caleb and Lisa

Berkekley-Stanford CS day. February 22, 2003

Me, Manu, and Glen

Me and Manu


DB group social event-thai dinner, February 8, 2003