Fall 2006

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Dinner w/ Wisconsin gang, Sept 23.

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Tesla Motor visits Yahoo, Sept 27

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Beck concert @ Yahoo, Sept 29

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Lyman Pig Roast, Sept 31-Oct 1.

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GooArt, Oct.

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Min's paintings are leaning against the couch
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Hanging out with Zed and Rena, Nov 24.

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Villa Louis, Wisconsin, Nov 25.

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Effigy Mounds National Monument, Iowa, Nov 25

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Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa, Nov 25

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Stanford Infolab reunion lunch, Dec 1

Google holiday party, @Pier 48, Dec 1

Yahoo holiday party, Dec 9

Mines of Spain, Iowa, Dec 29

Bellevue State Park, Iowa, Dec 29

Mississippi river walk, Dubuque, Iowa, Dec 29

First state capitol, Belmont, Wisconsin, Dec 29

2 week old baby Lily coming over for (and sleeping through) dinner, Dec 31