You are an Accord EX-V6. You're not quite plebian, but you're a comfortable
and conservative sort of person who keeps a balanced view and level head
during a conflict. You can be rather demanding at times, but it's all in a pursuit
to keep things mellow.

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What cartoon dog are you?
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Which DragonballZ Character are you?

You're the 80's Man!
No, you're not a cross-dresser. You're just the odd-shaped 80's lego man! You love the classic legos, and you're not into all these new-fangled expensive kits. Why settle for the new when the old is just as good, and far less expensive!

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Vibrant and witty with a competitive streak,"Bartlet's Bulldog" eats Republicans for lunch.
Although viewed by adversaries as arrogant, under it all the deputy chief of staff
is "very sweet," and is extremely loyal to his friends and those he respects...
but he wishes people wouldn't say he has a sensitive system.

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Pure Genius
You're like Tron Bonne from the game/manga(?), The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.
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Servents, Genius, Adorability...what else could you want. You're pretty damn smart,
but as a result you're a pretty big dork...but who cares. You're adorable,
and very much able to take care of yourself. Keep up the good work.
Oh yeah...cut out the stealing.
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Which Star Wars character are you?

What Obscure Animal are you?
In the Grand Scheme of Geekdom

What sort of geek are YOU?

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

Cheer Bear
You're the Care Bear cheerleader! Your spunky personality and optimisim lifts everyone's spirit. Though you want everyone to be happy, you stand your ground on issues you feel strongly about and this can bring disunity among your friends. Despite this, you are a true believer in working together.

You are the

Your secret's safe with me. Kinda like a black hole, everything goes in....nothing comes out. Not exactly a bad thing but cracking a smile every now and then probably wouldn't hurt. Give it a shot.
Which smiley are you?
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What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Light Cycle.I am a Light Cycle.

I drive fast, I turn fast, I do everything fast. I even breakfast. I tend to confuse people with my sudden changes of heart. Sometimes I even confuse myself, which tends to cause problems. What Video Game Character Are You?