1. Background on Datalog, seminaive evaluation, EDB vs. IDB, stratified semantics, logic in general, and models can be found in Ch. 3 of PDKS-I (Volume I of Principles of Database and Knowledge-Base Systems, Ullman, Computer Science Press, 1988). Some of the material is repeated, and extended to involve function symbols in PDKS-II. AHV (The book Foundations of Databases, by S. Abiteboul, R. Hull, and V. Vianu, Addiswon-Wesley, 1996) likewise contains material on this subject.

  2. If you haven't had CS145, or didn't cover things like Datalog, stratified Datalog, or the equivalence of the ``apply the rules to the data'' point of view and the ``instantiate the rules and see which survives'' point of view, then you might look at the CS145 Slides, especially sets 16 and 17.

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  12. For use of conjunctive queries in information integration, the paper by Levy, Mendelzon, Sagiv, and Srivastava: Answering queries using views. is fundamental.

  13. A survey of information integration using conjunctive queries by the instructor.

  14. This spot was for a private copy of a draft survey of answering queries using views by Alon Levy. When he makes it public, I'll link to it here.

  15. A paper on Maximally Contained Datalog Programs by Duschka and Genesereth.

  16. By coincidence, unification is explained in Section 12.4 of both PDKS-II and AHV.

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  21. Curiously, a Google Web search for information on REFER leads back to my own class notes from 1996.