Data Mining References

Assigned Readings

Note: some of these links require access to an electronic library, such as ACM's, and may not be available from non-Stanford machines.


  1. CS145 notes on Datalog. Postscript; PDF.

  2. ACM SIGKDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases) home page.

  3. CS349 taught previously as data mining by Sergey Brin.

  4. Heikki Mannila's Papers at the University of Helsinki.

  5. The IBM Quest Project.

  6. Shinichi Morishita's Papers at the University of Tokyo. Also, his Recent Papers on genome mining.

  7. CACM, Nov., 1996 Special Issue on Data Mining.

  8. Univ. of Washington/Microsoft Summer, 1997 Institute on data mining.

  9. J. Gehrke. W.-Y. Loh, R. Ramamkrishnan, Tutorial on Classification from the 1999 KDD Conference. PDF.

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