The midterm exam will be held in class on Wednesday July 25 (1-2:50 in McCullough 115). The exam will be open book and open notes. Calculators may be helpful.
The class mailing-list for announcements is Every student is required to subscribe to the mailing-list. To subscribe to the mailing-list send an email to with empty subject and body: subscribe cs245.
The class mailing-list for questions is All questions should be sent to this mailing-list.
The class newsgroup is su.class.cs245. TAs are not required to check the newsgroup. The newsgroup is used for discussion among students.
The handout-bin for CS245 is on 4th floor, Gates building.
There is an errata list for the course textbook available on-line at: The list contains many typos.
There will be one Assignment each week, that will be handed out on Monday and will be due on next Monday.
Final Exam : Friday, August 17th 2001 Time : 12.15 - 3.15 Location : Gates B01

  • Final is Cummulative

  • Open Book / Open Notes

  • Calculators Recommended (No LapTops)

  • Sample Exams posted on the Web

  • Local SITN have to attend exam on Campus / Remote SITN contact staff for arrangement of Final Exam