3-22-04, The final has been graded. It can be picked up from Marianne, the course secretary.
3-10-04, Sergio will not be available after Wednesday, 3/10/04. Do not email him directly or drop off assignments at his office. Please contact Ben Ling with any CS245-related questions.
2-23-04, Sergio will not be holding TA office hours on Wednesday, 2/25/04. Instead he will hold them from 2pm to 4pm on Tuesday 2/24/04.
2-21-04, In HW6, problem 2 should read "For instance, in case (b)" not "(a)".
2-16-04, In observance of the holiday there will be no TA office hours Monday 2/16/04.
1-29-04, Because of all the confusion caused by the change in deadline we have extended the Homework #3 deadline to Friday 1/30 at 11am. As always, no late submissions will be accepted.
1-28-04, A bug in OTC incorrectly stated that the homework was due Friday 1/30 at 11am instead of Thursday 1/29 at 11am. This has been fixed. The deadline remains Thursday 1/29 at 11am.
1-27-04, Reminder: Hector will not be having office hours on Thursday 1/29.
1-26-04, If you wonder why you are getting a 'Homework Temporarily Closed' message, click here.
1-20-04, We will be holding remote electronic office hours using Live Office. For more information click here.
1-13-04, If you were not in class today or are SCPD, please email cs245-staff@cs.stanford.edu with your name, SUNetID, and email address and we will send you your initial username and password for the OTC system.
1-9-04, Ben won't be available for his Tuesday office hours on 1/13/04.
1-6-04, The weekly database seminar is on Friday at 4:15-5:15pm. The speaker schedule is available at CS545 schedule. If the topic interests you, you are encouraged to attend the seminar.
1-6-04, SITN students please submit your assignments via email to the course staff or via fax to the SCPD office (650-736-1266) by noon Pacific time on the due date. If you cannot do either, please email us to work out an arrangement.
1-6-04, Assignment 1 has been posted. It is due on Thursday Jan 15.
1-6-04, Assignment policies are published: collaboration policy, late policy, and instructions for late hand-in of assignments.
1-6-04, The staff email address for questions is cs245-staff@cs.stanford.edu. All questions should be sent to this address.
1-6-04, The class newsgroup is su.class.cs245. TAs are not required to check the newsgroup. The newsgroup is used for discussion among students.
1-6-04, The handout-bin for the class  is on the 4th floor of the Gates building.
1-6-04, There will be one Assignment each week.