DB CS145 - Introduction to Databases
Autumn Quarter 96-97

Course Content

This course provides the student with an introduction to the design of databases and the use of database management systems for applications. We will cover object-oriented (O/O) and entity-relationship (E/R) approaches to database design. We will cover the relational data model, mappings from O/O and E/R designs to relations, relational design issues, and how one uses a relational database management system to implement a database. Abstract query languages such as relational algebra will be discussed, along with extensive coverage of SQL---the standard language for creating, querying, and modifying relational databases. We will cover a variety of other issues important to database designers and users, including views, integrity constraints, triggers, transactions, and security. Finally, time permitting, we will consider advanced database management features such as logic-based query languages, object-oriented query languages, and object-relational systems. This course is aimed at database design and use, and the implementation of database applications. It does not cover the implementation of database management systems. This topic is covered in the follow-on courses CS 245A and 245B.


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  1. Course Information

  2. Getting started with Sybase

  3. Populating your database in Sybase

  4. Midterm review sheet (available in postscript)

  5. Sample midterm ('94) (available in postscript)

  6. Embedded SQL, Library SQL, and Stored Procedures in Sybase

  7. Final exam review sheet (available in postscript)


Exams are in postscript.

  1. Midterm

  2. Final and Partial Solutions.