A First Course in Database Systems: Errata for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Printings of the First Edition
List of Errata for the First Two Printings only.

In addition: the following were not corrected in time for the third printing:

p. 24, ref. 7: "Oszu" -> "Ozsu" (Thanks to Arun Marathe).

p. 37, l. -15: "a unique entity" -> "at most one entity" (Thanks to Lu Chao-Jun).

p. 37, l. -9 and p. 38, l. 2: Add ", 10" to the array declaration (Thanks to Margaret Benitez).

p. 70, l. -7: "stars attribute" -> "stars relationship (Thanks to Lu Chao-Jun).

p. 113, l. 16: "no additional subclasses" -> "no additional properties" (Thanks to Lu Chao-Jun).

p. 118, l. -7: "databases" -> "database" (Thanks to Lu Chao-Jun).

p. 170, l. 4: "the only the" -> "only the" (Thanks to Lu Chao-Jun).

p. 198, l. -14: a should be b (the value of x), twice (Thanks to Lu Chao-Jun).

p. 251, l. -7: The keywords DESC or ASC should be appended to an attribute, not to the statement as a whole (Thanks to Sudarshan Chawathe).

p. 284, l. -4: "less that" -> "less than".

p. 288, Example 5.33, l. 4: "scheme" -> "schema" (Thanks to Seth Goldberg).

p. 288, l. -6: "scheme" -> "schema" (Thanks to Seth Goldberg).

p. 312, l. 2: Replace FULL NATURAL by NATURAL FULL.

p. 349, l. 8 and p. 350, l. 11: semicolon needed after constraint RightTitle (Thanks to Ken Chen).

p. 354, line (4) of Fig. 6.7: delete comma (Thanks to David Weinstein).

p. 356, l. 4: comma missing at end (Thanks to Lu Chao-Jun).

p. 360, l. 8: "Value" -> "Attribute" (Thanks to Sudarshan Chawathe).

p. 362, Fig. 7.1: "host-language compiler" requires a hyphen (Thanks to Ken Chen).

p. 364, l. 9: "host-language" requires a hyphen (Thanks to Ken Chen).

p. 377, Exercise 7.1.2(c): Add at the end: "Insert the information gathered into Classes and Ships" (thanks to Sudarshan Chawathe).

p. 379, Fig. 7.8, l. 14: 'B1' should be B'1' (Thanks to Richard Scherl).

p. 419, Fig. 8.4: semicolons needed after each of the interface declarations (Thanks to Anders Uhl).

p. 426, l. 2: See the comment on p. 251, l. -7; it applies here too.

p. 430, l. 12: "In" -> "It".


Errors in the solutions were recently pointed out by: Ed Burns, Ken Chen, Nitin Chopra, Marie Nilsson.

And thanks to the following people who pointed out errors in the first two printings: Marc Abramowitz, Joseph H. Adamski, Brad Adelberg, Gleb Ashimov, Phillipe Bonnet, Ed Burns, David Brokaw, Per Christensen, Arturo Crespo, Pearl D'Souza, Jarl Friis, John Fry, Gerard Guillemette, Antti Hjelt, Yeong-Ping Koh, Gyorgy Kovacs, Phillip Koza, Sang Ho Lee, Arun Marathe, Le-Wei Mo, Hankyung Na, Bert Porter, Prakash Ramanan, Tim Roughgarten, Richard Scherl, Kristian Widjaja, Min-Sig Yun, Torben Zahle, Sandy Zhang.