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LitSearch: Entity/Relationship Diagram

Description of Entity Sets

Words: word stems that are used throughout all of the works that are cataloged in the database. It's a sort of lexicon containing every stem that the parser has ever come across.

WordContexts: the full word that a particular instance of a stem corresponds to. Includes any punctuation/whitespace surrounding the word used.

Criticism: online literary criticism of a particular work. Contains metadata for the criticism as well as the URL where the criticism may be found.

Author: information about authors.

Period: information about the various regions and eras used to classify works, such as "19th Century American"

Works: information about works (books, collections, etc.) in the database.

Pages: data on individual pages in a work. This is a weak entity set because the key here is the page number, so a work is required for uniqueness.

Author: Keith Ito - September 2001